I hope you all are enjoying the Civic Holiday!

This is a great time to sit back and relax. For those working, it’s an awesome chance to enjoy a slow work day while making time and a half!

For whats closed/open, click here.

Information About Civic Holiday:
Civic Holiday in Canada. The intent of the Civic Holiday is to “not work”. So please don’t work on Civic Holiday! In Canada Civic Holiday is in most cases the first Monday of August unless another civil or provincial holiday exists on a different date, in which case the local holiday is used.

Civic Holiday in Canada is not statutory holiday. A bill has been attempted to be passed in the house of commons but it has always been unsuccessful. If an employer wants you to work, it is a work day.

What you will often find, however, is that its name Civic Holiday changes from province to province, and even amongst different regions within provinces in Canada. This tells us that Civic Holiday is not as important as some other holidays, but still it is celebrated as a statutory Canadian holiday.

Unlike in Canada, Civic Holiday in United States (US) is called Labor Day.

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