Looking for some nice fresh Manitoba earth? Well for the next two months the public is invited to pick earth from the Manitoba Floodway Authority.

The earth can be collected at the Dunning Road depot at PTH 202 near Birds Hill Park. The depot will be open 8am – 6pm, Tuesday – Sunday until October 4, 2009 (weather permitting)

The Manitoba Floodway Authority also mentioned that this will be that last year that the public is invited to pick at the earth. Also to note, only clay fill is available, not top soil. Clay fill is great to use when doing landscaping or trying to level your yard.

To get the free clay register with the Floodway Authority at www.floodwayauthority.mb.ca or call 945-4900.


Image Micaceous soils are not uncommon in North Carolina (20) Originally uploaded by Soil-Science.info