Mystique Night Club’s grand opening is still over a month (October 2nd & 3rd) away but already the new kid in The Exchange is starting to make some noise. For anyone who hasn’t heard Mystique is moving in across the street from the already well established Whiskey Dix. The building, 441 Main, is the old Imperial Bank building and anyone who went there while it enjoyed its lengthy run as Desire will tell you its an undeniably ideal space and location for a club. While the building seems like it was designed for chilling/dancing rather than banking, there hasn’t been a good enough concept recently to do justice to the real estate. Enter the Mystique team, headed by Club/Promotion mainstay Jamie Hall.

Being “the new kid” is never easy anywhere and the sentiment is just as true in the Exchange as in a new school, maybe even tougher. At least in school you can only have the jock bullying you around, in the Exchange you’re going toe to toe with Whisky Dix, Alive, not to mention anyone else trying to join the grown up’s table. My analogies are becoming mixed now so I’ll get to the point. Mystique is looking to create synergy amongst those other bars by offering a different experience for its patrons. Therefore rather than competing outright it will instead offer something different which will hopefully strengthen the Exchange club scene as a whole. How are they going to be different?

Well aside from a design meant to channel the elements, Mystique is going to shy away from the strict (IMO borderline pretentious) dress codes that a lot of other Exchange bars champion. Those clean white kicks that got you turned away at Whiskey Dix? That will play here. The success of the club will be dictated by the quality of the vibe and events/promotions they hold though, not the chill dress code. The general population will get a chance to judge these things themselves come October when the grand opening hits. Personally more so than the grand opening I’m looking forward to seeing what a place like this can do for a Halloween party. I can’t believe I used to think Halloween was awesome back when all you got was free candy. If it was awesome then its roughly eleventy-billion times better since becoming legal bar age :P

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