I received an email yesterday from a contracted promoter – Bryan fromĀ  commotion regarding a Canadian documentary that will be in Winnipeg for some of the filming. The documentary is commissioned on behalf of Plan Canada.

Plan Canada has unique perspective on how to bring entire nations out of poverty. They believe that the power is in the girls and believe that we should be investing more in them. It’s not just the girls of poor nations, but also the girls of Winnipeg and all over Canada. This documentary is “the cornerstone of a campaign that aims to enlist girls in Canada in the fight against gender inequality around the world by raising awareness of the plight of girls in the poorest regions of the planet and their untapped potential to be powerful agents of change for their families, communities and nations” as Bryan put it.

I don’t know if i truly believe that this is the only thing that can lift an entire nation out of poverty but i do believe that woman do need more rights and more education. I am very fearful that the movie Idiocracy portrays exactly what our world will become.

Filming will be taking place in Winnipeg on October 24th to 29th. This documentary is aimed at capturing the experiences of teens, tweens and their inspirations and will be released in Spring of 2010.

If you have something you would like to add, or you would like to participate in this cause you can find the filming on Sunday, October 25th at Garden City Mall between 12-2pm and on Tuesday October 27th at Portage Place Shopping Centre at 5.30pm.

If you are unable to attend you can still support the campaign by visiting www.becauseiamagirl.ca and finding other ways to get involved.

Image becausegirl Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg