Park and St. Vital Silver City are now selling advance tickets for Twilight: New Moon, which hits theatres November 20, 2009.

A message from a Winnipeg Twilight fan:
If you’re a Twi-hard at heart then this has definitely been the week for you! No matter your fan affiliation (Team Jacob and Team Edward fans, I’m looking at you), everyone has had an embarrassment of riches to enjoy. First off, tickets went on sale for the very first New Moon screenings on November 19…if you haven’t got yours yet, what are you waiting for? Get them now!

November 20 should be one of the busiest days our Silver City’s (and all other theatres) will ever see. If you are seeing this movie on release day – make sure to come days hours in advanced! If you are being dragged to this movie by a significant other, bring ear plugs – there WILL be a lot of screaming.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Thanks for the tip Lala!

Image waiting for Twilight Originally uploaded by BobbyProm