If you were in downtown Winnipeg last Sunday, you would have thought that Winnipeg had been invaded by something out of a Michael Jackson Thriller video.

On Sunday, Winnipeg had its first ever Zombie walk with over 500-people in attendance. Organizer Sarah Reed, said that she was thrilled with the attendance, but didn’t like the fact that police had to get involved with the crowds.

Next year she plans on enlisting more volunteers to deal with the crowds, as well as request police assistance. The Zombies at times were out of control… not respecting the rules of the road and not following crosswalks. Various Zombies were running at cars and banging on them which was NOT the point of this Zombie walk. To be honest, if someone did that to my car, I’d probably run them over.

I’m sure event organizer Sarah Reed has learned from this experience and I’m looking forward to see what the Zombie Walk has to offer in 2010.