I’ve recently put away the summer car and am now driving my cd player-less, tape deck, good old fashioned winter beater. Don’t get me wrong… I love listening to Hot 103 and Curve 94.3, but sometimes I need a break from continuous mainstream pop. So you can probably imagine the excitement I felt when I received a txt message exalting that Winnipeg is doing an on-air test for a new Hip-Hop radio station on 104.7 FM.

Streetz 104.7 FM (Winnipeg’s illest Urban) plans to pick up where Flava 107.9 FM left off. I’ve haven’t had a chance to listen long… But from the little I’ve heard it exactly what I’ve been waiting for. As soon as I tuned in I had my 1980’s beater system bumpin to some underground Lil’ Wayne. Of course, CRTC also adds it’s flavour of some great Canadian Hip Hop.

Winnipeg’s Hip Hop scene has constantly been growing strong, and I love the fact that we may possibly have a new Hip Hop radio station in the near future. Make sure to tune in and give a listen on your way to the club.

Thanks for the tip JR!


Image B-boys battling Originally uploaded by Björn Söderqvist