If you’re an avid of European automotive programs such as Top Gear or Fifth Gear, you’ve probably seen similar styled ambulances parked or moving along the side lines. Meet the Dodge Sp… I mean, the Mercedes Sprinter!

Four of these Mercedes Sprinters are being launched for testing in Manitoba. Aside from being a smoother ride than our standard ambulances, CBCnews reports these beasts run 30% more efficiently. By looking at the Sprinter’s pictures you can see the size is the most noticeable change between the vehicles. Not without it’s problems, the real issue the WFPS have had is deciding on what to pack and how to pack it in the thing.

There seems to be another reason too. GM and Ford seem to be having a supply shortage of parts for the current vehicles. Can we blame the American economy for that? Does this mean Chrysler has a giant stockpile of Dodge Sprinter parts to use?


Image Agència Valenciana de Salut Originally uploaded by del15xaviii_xavo