The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theatres this weekend which means its probably not a good idea for you to make an appearance. I can guarantee that theatres will be packed with hundreds of screaming fangirls and fanboys – so stick to a DVD or Blu-ray this weekend.

If you absolutely have to watch this during the first week, here are some tips:

* Pre-buy your tickets. You can purchase pre-tickets online or at the theatre itself (via kiosks or box office)
* Arrive early (at least an hour before the show)
* Avoid weekend showtimes
* Avoid evening showtimes
* Try some of the smaller theatre chains (Towne 8 Cinemas)

The key is that this movie is targeted at the high-school age demographic… So watching the movie during high school hours (9:00am – 3:30pm) are your best bet. There are no midnight showings for this movie. Theatres usually open at 11am.

What To Avoid:
Various theatres are having public pre-screenings tonight (Thursday). Most of these are already sold out, but if you do have access to a ticket… then arrive 3 HOURS early. You need to understand that if you choose to watch the movie tonight, you are competing with hard-core superfans that will probably be there immediately after school. So be warned! Tonight is not a good night to watch the movie.

Many Friday evening shows have already sold out as well. Most theatres will have 4-5 dedicated screens for the movie so you may be able to get a decent seat on Friday – but be prepared to wait a half an hour in line for popcorn, then another 2 HOURS in line for the movie. Friday evening will be the busiest day for this movie. I strongly recommend you avoid it.

The Good:
The good thing about theatres is that most open at 11am. As mentioned above, try and watch a show that is before 3:30pm (when High Schools are out). I am still expecting a line up for day time shows (some students will declare a national skip day out of this) but it wont nearly be as crazy as it will be in the evening. I would recommend you still pre-buy your Friday day-time tickets and show up at least 1 HOUR early.

Silver City Polo Park: 12:10pm | 12:30pm | 12:50pm | 1:10pm | 3:25pm
Silver City St. Vital: 11:45am | 12:15pm | 3:00pm | 3:30pm
Empire Theatres Grant Park: 12:10pm | 12:40pm | 3:15pm | 3:40pm

In summary, avoid watching ANY movie at the theatres from November 19 – 29. It’s going to be madness in there. If your planning on doing shopping at either St. Vital or Polo Park, avoid parking at the lots near theatres as well.

Image London Film & Comic Con 2009 Originally uploaded by frankdasilva