Here are some awesome videos from Access Winnipeg reader airgasm of Swollen Members performing live at The Pyramid Cabaret.

Me and my friends had been waiting for what seemed like forever for Swollen to come back to Winnipeg.

The wait was well worth it, that being said though I would go see these guys on a weekly basis if it was possible!

We got there pretty early, a little too early as the first group opening was junk (a local wpg hip hop group?) However I was really surprised and impressed with the second opener… KOs. This guy was up there by himself doing his thing and doing a great job of it. He’s got his own kind of sound, almost like Everlast, but different. Really enjoyed his set and I was sure to purchase his CD after as well.

Then the show we’ve been waiting for!! Swollen came out and hit it hard!! They played a solid selection of lots of their old tracks and a couple of their new ones. If you’ve never been to a Swollen concert before, I highly recommend you make sure you go to the next one. I havn’t been to another concert that the crowd gets so involved in. I was up on stage, jumping off and crowd surfing. It was hype! These guys are excellent at what they do.

After the show I went over and talked to Prevail, and he later showed up at our house party and hung out for a while. Stand up guy, came by, had some drinks, watched the UFC fights and chilled.

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