Please ignore my big spleel last week about waiting to see Avatar at IMAX. I had the honour of watching it at Silver City Polo Park on the weekend and it was amazing. One of those most visually amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life – and I’ve been to many places and have seen many wonders. For two and a half hours, James Cameron took me on a journey that can not be described in words. I could swear, that for two and a half hours, I was no longer in a theatre in Winnipeg.

The 3D was spectacular and seemed smoother than any other 3D movies I’ve seen at Silver City. They’ve really gone big with this one, and there is no need to wait to see at the IMAX. Silver City should provide a sub-par effect.

Plus, maybe this move will push IMAX to spend the cash to get movies earlier instead of waiting for them to be on clearance from the movie companies (aka Cinema City $2 movies)

Remember, whenever everything else is closed, the theatre is usually open.

Image PhotonQ-AVATAR Originally uploaded by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE