Last year, Reprezent 2008 ended with a promise for more and this year they delivered. This year Reprezent brought a large showcase of brought 16 Winnipeg dance groups and So Real Cru, runner-up team from Houston Texas and Americas Best Dance Crew season 2.

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The 16 groups from the event were:

  • Un1te Juniors/Seniors
  • Un1t 3
  • Soul Defy
  • Dummy Squad
  • Paradox
  • Marquis
  • Reality Check
  • Define Movement
  • Synergy
  • Random
  • Sikat
  • Flow Fanatics
  • Central Beatheads
  • Team Canada/Senior

All teams had their own routines, however what I seen different this year was that there were more kids performing some stuff I wouldn’t even have though about trying. This year they also included two bboy teams Central Beatheads and Flow Fanatics. Team Canada Seniors could not complete their performance due a technical issue with the media provided prior to the event, which was quite unfortunate as it was the last performance leading into SoReal Cru’s final performance.

Congrats to all teams and their hardwork.

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