Boston Pizza has a great promotion right now where you can get a 3 piece bundle for only $9.

Create your own BP Bundle by selecting a starter, side dish and entrée, all for just $9.00.

Select a Starter
Tossed Garden Greens
Caesar Salad
Cup of Soup

Decide on a Side
Cactus Cut Potatoes
Garlic Toast
Yam Fries

Elect an Entrée
Greek Stromboli
Burger Pizza
Baked Taco Beef Penne
Creamy Spaghetti Bolognese
Half Boston Brute
Baked Four Cheese Fettuccini
Panzerotti Roll
Boston’s Chili*

* Pizza bread only offered as a side option with Boston’s Chili

I had a chance to try the Baked Taco Beef Penne with a side of Cactus Cut Potatoes… can’t get any better for $9.


Image Boston Pizza Originally uploaded by mag3737