I’ll find any excuse to make a post with a picture of my kitty, but this ones a good one.

D’Acry’s A.R.C is holding their 6th annual All You Can Eat “Paw”sta Dinner on February 6th at Deer Lodge Community Centre.

There will be two seatings 5-7pm and 7.30-9.30pm. There will also be a silent auction and live comedy.

You can pick your tickets up from D’Arcy’s A.R.C. at 730B Century St.  For additional information you can contact the shelter at 888-2266.

First off, ten bucks for all you can eat? Fantastic!  Second, you will be supporting an awesome cause.  You may or may not have heard, the found of D’Arcy’s has done some amazing things to fundraise.  You can check out his blog of biking across Canada here.

Image Kitty Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg