Prairie Theatre Exchange presents Goodness from January 14th through January 31st. Tickets range from $22.32 to $40 depending on age, date and seat section.

Here is an excerpt from the PTE website:
A stranger in a seedy London bar hands a man a phone number. He calls it. An hour later, he’s in a woman’s apartment listening to an astonishing story: murder, war crimes, love. He can’t imagine what she’s been through. So he changes it. Part mystery, part ethical dilemma, critically-acclaimed novelist Michael Redhill’s Goodness is an intricate knot of flashbacks and storytelling by a six-person cast, delicately interweaving South African and Central European folk music as laments from around the world. From Pinochet to Saddam Hussein, from Yugoslavia to Sudan and Rwanda, Goodness resonates deeply with the world of the present moment.

Check out PTE’s website for more information and to purchase tickets.

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