Above is the infamous original footage of the MTS Centre incident that is making news all around Canada. All the action takes place around 3:30 and 4:20.

The Winnipeg couple decided to get frisky during the Motley Crue concert and give everyone around them a show. A spectator reported that no one seemed to mind the sexual activities (no actual sex was involved) and were also encouraging it with load cheers. At one point there was also another girl in the mix. But apparently, not everyone appreciated it… The MTS Centre staff would eventually escort the couple out of the MTS Centre for inappropriate behaviour. The police was not notified and the couples punishment remained being kicked out early in the show… It looks like they wanted to go home anyways.

The owner of the video says it was shot from section 330, which were the FREE tickets that were offered on ticketmaster the morning of the show. I’m sure there were many Access Winnipeg readers seated in that section as well – let us know your thoughts!