I came across a website that, while not Winnipeg-specific, could help raise some ideas that are much needed within the city’s boundaries, so to speak.

It talks about a Smart City. The ideal Smart City whereas the best and smartest aspects of cities from around the world are all placed in one city. This site encapsulates the ideals that it is possible to have “the perfect city”.

Is it possible to have a safe city? Or possibly a crime-free city? Using cameras that can recognize a person using facial recognition to see who they are despite a disguise being worn or if that person is dangerous. Or by using a central system that can alert police, fire or ambulance departments depending on what the 911 call is about and where the call originated from.

And then there’s traffic. Is rapid transit a solution or is it just adding to the problem of crowded streets? Should the city spend the resources they’ve promised over the years on synchronizing the lights? I stopped at 7 lights on my way to work which is typically a 12 minute commute if I catch the right lights making it almost 20 minutes! How much gas did I waste a those lights?

Take a look around on the site (it’s fun with lots of videos) but still takes a look at what’s needed for a city to become smart and efficient and let us know, what would you do to make Winnipeg a Smarter City?

The Smarter City

Image Smart City Originally uploaded by ceosforcities