The biggest film of the year, Avatar, will be coming out on Blu-ray and DVD on April 22, 2010 – which is a lot quicker than many other movies.

But here is some information you should know before you shell out the $30 for this masterpiece. The Blu-ray/DVD combo coming out in April will NOT be in 3D and be a completely stripped down version of the disc. It will be a movie only version without any special features or extras. The disc will contain a registration code slip that you can enter online and join “The AVATAR Program” to do a few fun things like view bonus content online and adopt a “virtual hometree”.

This will all lead up to an Ultimate Edition disc that will be released in November. The Ultimate Edition disc also won’t be in 3D but will contain all the special features and extras your heart desires.

Then finally in 2011, we will see a 3D edition of the movie released on Blu-ray. Why the hold back? Directory James Cameron doesn’t want to release the movie in Blu-ray 3D until there is proper technology to do so. 3D TV’s are expected to hit the market this year, but similar to Blu-ray and HD-DVD, there will be a competition for which format will be the standard. Hopefully by 2011 there will be a standard for 3D TV so Avatar can take that path.