Starting April 1st I’ll be hosting a drop in Open Mic at the Standard Tavern located at 61 Sherbrooke St. Since I started getting into stand up, I found open mic nights were consistently the most fun night for the comics and the audiences. For that reason I’m really happy to be involved with opening up a new stage to this format. Basically anyone is welcome whether they’ve done stand up before or have nothing but a dream and countless hours going over and over their dream set in their mind. Sign up starts at 8:00 p.m. and the show will start at approximately 8:30 and run until 10:00. Its free to anyone who’d like to come watch comics sharpening their skills and the Standard has food and drink specials available on Thursdays.

For me the fun of open mic is that on any given night you might see a pro tanking with new material or a newbie who’s finally figured it out and killing for their first time. You can’t get a good idea of people’s ability by coming out just once so for the audience it has that appeal of tuning into your favorite tv show week after week and seeing the characters grow. If you don’t believe me when I say its entertaining here’s me “working it out” at the city’s only other true drop in open mic, held at the Cavern in Osbourne every Sunday hosted by the very funny John B. Duff.

For anyone who’s wanted to give stand up a shot or knows anyone who does, I’ll buy any first time comics 2 drinks.  Whether you use them as pre-emptive courage drinks or post show celebration drinks is up to you.