While attending the screening of The Last Song last night, it was to my disappointment to discover that Silver City Polo Park no longer has New York Fries and Pizza Hut in their lobby.

The New York Fries has been replaced with Outtakes/Pizza Pizza which offer a wide arrangement of foods for movie goers. Instead of individual sized pizzas that Pizza Hut sold, Pizza Pizza offers them by the slice. They too offer Fries – but everyone knows that nothing can beat NYF.

I have nothing against Pizza Pizza, but when it comes to top level fries/pizza, NYF and Pizza Hut were the perfect one two punch. Having them as separate locations also minimized lineups… the line up as Pizza Pizza yesterday was ridiculous!

The old Pizza Hut area was completely removed and now contain a stand for napkins and straws making the lobby a bit more roomy than before.

According to our friends on facebook and twitter, Silver City Polo Park isn’t the only one to suffer the Pizza Hut/NYF fatality… St. Vital has also made a similar change.

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