So the talk of Winnipeg night life is that the Whiskey Dix owners have officially announced that their patio (biggest club patio in Winnipeg) is being closed down to make way for a parking lot.

Anyone else call BS? The story attached was that staff had no where to park and downtown needs more parking. BUT WAIT… isn’t there a huge 50 bay parking lot just to the other side of Whiskey Dix? If your staff is coming to the club later than the customer than maybe its the staff that needs to be fixed. I’ve never had a problem finding parking at Whiskey Dix if I’m there before 10.

This is either a really bad April Fools joke, or a really bad marketing scheme. Some people believe that the best way to promote something is to tell them its closing down… but it is NOT worth the price if you have to lie to your customers.

With patio season just around the corner, congratulations Whiskey Dix, you’ve just left a sour taste in everyones mouths. This summer, Whiskey Dix will either have a parking lot or a patio… either way… it will probably be empty.

Image whiskey Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg