If the NHL Playoffs weren’t enough for you, the 2010 NBA Playoffs officially tip off this Saturday, April 17.

Unfortunately, our Toronto Raptors were ONE game shy of getting the 8th and final playoff spot in the east. The Chicago Bulls were able to win the last game of their season to clinch that last spot and eliminate the Raptors from a playoff birth.

(1) Los Angles Lakers vs (8) Oklahoma City Thunder
(2) Dallas Mavericks vs (7) San Antonio Spurs
(3) Phoenix Suns vs (6) Portland Trail Blazers
(4) Denver Nuggets vs (5) Utah Jazz

(1) Cleavland Cavaliers vs (8) Chicago Bulls
(2) Orlando Magic vs (7) Charlotte Bobcats
(3) Atlanta Hawks vs (6) Milwaukee Bucks
(4) Boston Celtics vs (5) Miami Heat

Who’s your pick?

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