Last spring I took a trip to Montreal. Knowing that I am a tea fanatic, a friend of mine let me know about a tea store there – DavidsTea.

After about 15 minutes in this store I was having an orgasm. Seriously.

No really I wasn’t but even to this day – I fantasize about it.

Well soon enough, DavidsTea will be available in Winnipeg. They will be opening up a store in Polo Park and they have started their hiring with this add on kijiji.

DavidsTea offers the finest selection of tea’s I’ve ever seen. The quality is excellent. They have new menu’s every season and keep the most popular items in their permanent menu. Not only do they sell loose tea, they also allow you sit down and enjoy any of the tea’s they have in stock – either hot or cold. The company only started in 2008, it’s been expanding at a rapid pace.

If you still need to be sold on tea, check out this page about the benefits of tea!

You can start browsing now on their website.

Image Loose Leaf Tea Originally uploaded by Sifu Renka