Earth day is on April 22nd, and people are encouraged to appreciate captain planet mother nature. It also encourages business’ to take part on awesome earth day promotions!

Here are some of the promotions in Winnipeg:

Best Buy
Trade in your old TV, computer, camera, cell phone and more to enjoy savings while you dispose of unwanted electronics

– NOW until April 29th
– Click here for more details

The Body Shop
Say NO to a shopping bag and you receive 20% off your purchase

– NOW until April 18th
– If you plan to purchase a lot of items, don’t forget to bring your own bag

Pizza Pizza
For the month of April, Pizza Pizza is having a promotion to trade in any old cell phone that you have for a slice of pizza!  I’m pretty sure some of us have “Zack Morris” style cell phones lying around collecting dust. 

– NOW until April 30th

The store is celebrating earth day by giving free biodegradable water bottles for anyone that makes a purchase . Be sure to use this coupon as well to get 30% off anything in the store.

– Free biodegradable water bottle with purchase valid April 18th – 23rd
– 30% off coupon valid April 18th

Image Michael Originally uploaded by LZ Creations