Do you have Home Phone, Internet, and TV with MTS? Then you’ll be happy to hear that you are eligible for a FREE cellphone plan. Read carefully though… it might not be for you.

How Does It Work:
You have to sign up for a 36 month (3-year) cellphone plan contract – which means you have to have the cellphone plan active for at least 3 years (Anyone who’s ever owned a cellphone will know that cancelling out of a contract early results in ridiculous fees)

For that 3 year period, you will be credited $28.50 on your cellphone bill (does not included other fees). As long as you have MTS Phone, Internet, and TV. You will get the credit for the 3-year period. If you ever cancel one of those services you will have to pay your cellphone plan for the remainder of the 3 years.

What’s Included
The basic $28.50 plan includes:
* 200 weekday minutes
* Unlimited Text Messaging to and from all MTS Wireless customers in Manitoba
* Unlimited local and long distance calling to and from other MTS Wireless customers in Manitoba
* Unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 6pm

But you can choose pretty much any service plan and get a $28.50 credit towards it. You can also select from various phones that are $0 on the 3-year term.

Already Have a MTS Cell Phone?
You can get the $28.50 credit on your current plan as long as you have MTS Home Phone, Internet, and TV.

To sum it all up: If you are planning to have MTS Home Phone, TV, and Internet for the next 3 years then this is a great deal for you. Just remember that when you sign up for this promotion you pretty much lock yourself into a 3-year MTS cellphone, home phone, TV, and Internet contract. That cellphone contract will be free (plus fees) as long as you don’t cancel any of your MTS Home Phone, Internet, or TV services.

The deal doesn’t sound as great as its title… but I’m sure some will be glad to have it… especially existing wireless customers that already have all 3 services.

To find out more, head to the MTS Website.


Image MTS Allstream Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg