Today’s entry of Friday Eats is to showcase one fine restaurant that a lot of us may have overlooked. I know a lot of people who have! Whenever we drive by St. Mary’s road we always pass by Maxime Restaurant, a place that looks like an ordinary run-of-the-mill restaurant. We took a chance and my friends and I decided to dine-in.

Were we in for a surprise once I we entered the restaurant! I do not have any pictures for proof, however, see for yourself. You will be surprised when you see a beautifully decorated restaurant adorned with stained glass appliques on the wall and Greek-influenced statues. Classical music plays in the background and it seems like one of those restaurants that you needed a reservation to dine in. Fortunately for us, we did not require a reservation. Unfortunately, we were dressed far too casually for this restaurant.

The service in this restaurant had exceeded our initial expectations. The waitress was very polite, talked to us but not too much during our meal. She was attentive and the food actually came in pretty quickly than most places.

Of course, I have yet to talk about the food. It’s absolutely delicious. The menu has lots of things that would make someone choose a long time. That’s what happened to us. There’s food from simple sandwiches to roast beef to classic Greek food. With each entrée there was a salad as well, and I can tell you with confidence that the salad portions are huge. My friends had the Caesar salad which they both liked, and I had the Greek salad which was delicious. The bread, however, left a lot to be desired. It’s your typical bread probably purchased and heated, which I doubt was house-made.

My friend ordered a chicken Florentine, which he raved about. The portion was generous, it was a huge piece of chicken. I ordered a classical liver and onions, which is seen on the picture. I order those because I am a liver lover but to test the skill of a restaurant you have to see if they can properly execute liver and onions. I’ve been to many places that butchered the poor thing—it’s either an overcooked mess or an extremely unpleasant experience. I can tell you right now that if you HATE liver, you should try Maxime’s liver and onions and it will make you into a believer. It’s so soft and the perfect texture. It’s neither crumbly or rubbery. It doesn’t taste like liver, either! Both my friend and I got a potato side dish and a vegetable side dish.

My other friend ordered a chicken club sandwich and he is really picky with his club sandwiches. He actually liked it which is saying a whole lot. His plate was overrun by fries so that speaks a lot about the portion!

Overall, a good meal. It is decently priced, nothing over $30 respectively. The highest I’ve seen is $25, but that’s if you order the roast beef or a huge portion of steak. All of us left the restaurant happy. We will certainly return!


Maxime Restaurant
1131 Saint Marys Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2M 5C1
(204) 257-1521

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