Chicken wings are the perfect get-together food when you want to watch that game at the sports bar. The only three places in Winnipeg I’ve been for chicken wings are Players, Dylan O’Connors and Smitty’s.

Player’s wings I find are the best out of the three restaurants. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays you can get wings for 0.25$, and for the other days, 0.39$ which isn’t a bad deal. They’re usually crispy and warm and come nicely coated with sauce. Lately though, I’ve been finding the size of the wings a tad minuscule. There’s a variety of sauces and they make a really mean “death” sauce. In order to get the wings that price you have to order a drink and not just water. I’d say it’s not the best restaurant ever—but it’s cheap. The ambiance is a bit intimidating for some but I’ve seen people bring their children there. The service is alright compared to other restaurants, but on the occasion I’ve been there they’ve been kind of rude. I also have to note a minimum of 12 wings must be ordered for wing nights.

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Dylan O’Connors on Portage avenue is a venue lots of youngsters go to get cheap booze. Besides that, the service hasn’t been great either. There’s women in plaid mini skirts which can be pleasing for the man’s eye but they barely come to your table, it’s a lot like a chore to try and get them to serve you. The ambiance again isn’t that great. It’s a shoddy pub bar with some live music once in a blue moon. Oh, and the wings? Lacklustre. They used to be 0.25$ but it is now 0.35$ and with the price difference, the quality of the wings decreases as well. Consistently they have yet to prove me wrong: the wings come out cold almost ALL the time. The sauces? It’s okay. They also charge extra for dipping sauces. I believe a minimum of 10 wings must be ordered… and the wings are only that cheap price on Tuesdays.

Lastly, Smitty’s. The price jump went from 0.35 to 0.49$ and the quality hasn’t really reflected that either. While the wings are a moderate size and tasty, in order to order those wings you MUST purchase an appetizer platter or a plate of nachos to receive that price. In reality you are spending much more than just a measly 0.49$ per wing. The suicide sauce is the best spicy sauce I’ve ever had and it is definitely for the spice lovers like me. The service, as expected, is great compared to the other two I’ve mentioned as it is not a bar but an actual restaurant.

Out of all the wings in Winnipeg, which are the best in price and in taste?

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2184 McPhillips St
Winnipeg, MB
R2V 3C8
(204) 633-7924

Dylan O’Connors
2609 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB
R3J 0P6
(204) 415-4012

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