Our province turns 140 years old today… Prairie Research conducted a survey in March 2009 and asked 801 Manitobans “When is Manitoba Day?“. Only 29, or less than 4%, knew Manitoba Day is May 12th. The province should really consider stronger marketing for this day so Manitobans everywhere can join in celebration for our wonderful province.

Happy Manitoba Day!

Manitoba Facts:
* Manitoba has an area of 647,797 square kilometres (250,116 sq mi) and a population of 1,213,815 (according to 2009 estimates)
* Manitoba’s largest and capital city, Winnipeg is also Western Canada’s 4th largest CMA, and has Canada’s 7th largest municipality
* The provincial flower is the Prairie Crocus
* The provincial bird is the Great Grey Owl
* The provincial tree is the White Spruce
* Manitoba entered Confederation on July 15, 1870

Image Manitoba Legislative Building Originally uploaded by Vlastula