Photo radar will no longer being used in some¬†construciton zones marked with speed reduction signs when “workers are present.”

Traditional enforcement methods such as police officers with a photo radar gun will now be used.

The photo radar will still be used in these locations:

  • *On streets having posted speeds of 70, 80 or 90 km/h where speed limits will be reduced the whole time the project is in effect. In these areas, speed limits are marked with a sign such as “Maximum 60 km/h.” The beginning of the construction zone is marked with a “Roadwork” sign, and the end of the zone has a “Construction Ends” sign.
  • *On streets having posted speeds of¬†50 or 60 km/h speed limits, where the speed limit is not changed. These zones are also signed with the “Roadwork” and “Construction Ends” signs like on the higher speed routes. However, on these lower speed streets the existing posted speeds are acceptable during construction and therefore are not changed.

This could also mean that speeding through some construction zones will now get you demerits!


Image Maximum 60 Originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin