Phil Jackson said it best in Game 5, this Boston team knows how to lose 4th quarters. While it didn’t happen in Game 5, the 4th quarter collapse in Game 7 cost the Boston Celtics an NBA Championship.

The Celtics were up as much as 13 points in the 3rd quarter, but the Lakers would have an amazing 2nd half to win their 16th NBA Championship 83-79. Kobe Bryant also joins the elite few to have won NBA Finals MVP twice in a row.

Everyone knows that I’m not a Laker fan. I’m not even a true Celtics fan, just a anyone-but-the-Lakers fan. But my hats go off to the Laker team last night. They provided an amazing game and entertainment for all of us to enjoy. This was definitely one of the greatest NBA Finals Game 7 in a LONG time.

Until next season!

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