Over the next few days I’ll be going over the several the announcements made at E3. Last week’s E3 had an explosion of news for gaming fans all over the world and I’ll try to have my take on the 3 big names of the show posted here for your reading pleasure. First, I’ll be focusing on Microsoft’s news. From Kinect, the new 360 console and some notable titles. Here’s my take on Microsoft’s news!


I’m torn.  While I know the potential of this idea is something I should be excited about, I feel like motion control isn’t going to make my games anymore enjoyable than they already are… or will it?  The thing about Kinect is that it’s not just another new way to play games.  It’s an entirely new form of overall control.  Your interaction with your 360 will now be voice and gesture driven, in and outside of games.  Need a movie paused?  Say it.  Need a menu moved?  Move it with your hand.  My worries come from the fact that I can’t believe this thing won’t jump to another chapter in the middle of a movie if I get up to answer the phone.  Do I have to remain absolutley still while watching something?  Saying pause when I need to pick my nose?  Will my random pelvic thrusts while playing an FPS make me drop random grenades?


The New 360

What we know is that it’s smaller and looks like an Alienware and Dell PC made love to make this thing.  It’s going to come in a $399, $299, $279 and a $199 bundle.  It’s been confirmed that these will not have the ability to “Red Ring”.  That’s right!  This doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the last of the hardware failure problems though, as they’ve only removed the red lights from the outer ring.  Instead, in the event of a general hardware failure, we’re going to see a red dot in the center of the green ring.  As a victim of a RROD myself, I will be buying one and praying I don’t see that Red Dot of Death.  The new 360 has shipped and is appearing in retailers across the globe.

Halo: Reach

Did it steal the show?  No.  Will it reap hojillions of dollars in sales?  Yes.  Since ODST was more of a tease than an actual title for Halo saddle riders, Reach is promising to satiate the hunger that ODST couldn’t.  I’m hoping it will deliver, both in a strong solo campaign and in multiplayer mayhem.  Modern Warfare was fun, but here in the West, love it or hate it, Halo is king.


Gears Of War 3

The main reason I purchased my first 360. Gears of War’s coop was my first real coop experience of this generation of gaming. Two player coop was fun as balls but they are stepping it up with 4 players. Unlike Modern Warfare’s separated coop campaign, Gears of War has included it since it’s initial launch as part of the main narrative. I still remember laughing till I couldn’t breath when I had to guide a friend through a dark ally with a spotlight. Where moving too fast or too slow would’ve had him diced up by the evils lurking in the darkness. All while cursing at the top of his lungs… at me.


Here’s a game I hadn’t heard anything about. Totally took me by surprise. With a 1960s feel in it’s style, XCOM shows that the Soviet Union isn’t the only thing we’ve got the worry about. Just watch the trailer. It might look like any other FPS but if executed right, XCOM could be be a huge seller.

Well I guess that’s about it for now on Microsoft’s exclusive news from me. This is by no means all that was worth talking about however, let us know in the comments what else caught your eyes and ears from Microsoft’s announcments! I’ll be dropping by tomorrow with my thoughts on either Sony’s or Nintendo’s news.

Image New 360 With Kinect Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg