That commercial is completely unrelated to the offer from Rogers. However since the commercial where two office workers think they covertly stream the World Cup to their cubicle plays on every commercial break during games, I thought people might enjoy something different.

While their commercials might become stale, the Rogers on Demand Online service can actually be useful for World Cup die-hards. Fans can get their FIFA fix on-the-go with the Rogers on Demand Mobile application that lets users live-stream every game on their smartphone, as well as get recaps and highlights after the whistle for a one-time fee of $10. Costing $5 a month to use, the app is available on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices. There’s also a handful of additional apps for free or $2.99 that give you extras like game reminders and live scores and news tickers.

For more information on Rogers on Demand Online, Rogers on Demand Mobile and the Fan Frenzy app head to the Rogers on Demand website.