I was at the concert on Saturday. In fact, I was one of what looked like 40,000 strong. Some were Bon Jovi fans. Some were Kid Rock fans. Do I remember every song that was played? Probably not. Do I remember anything? I’ve got bits and pieces put together. What I do remember is this. Everyone was there to have a good time.

Hit the jump to read more and see the rest of the videos I took. Keep coming back over the next week as there are a few more to go up. YouTube is just taking its sweet time processing the videos. Oh, and if you hear a drunk trying to sing along, it was the guy beside me … honest.

The day started similar to that of the Eagles concert. Rain (or the threat of). Mother Nature decided to let the fans have this one and brought blue sky in just hours before the concert. That made the night so much more enjoyable.

Around 7pm, Sierra Noble takes the stage. The line-ups to get in are back to the edge of the parking lot (at every entrance). You can hear here but there’s little chance you could see anything. My friend and I decided to skip this opening act and just headed to Hooter’s makeshift beer garden. It seems Bud and Bud light were the sponsors because that’s pretty much the only beer we saw all night. That’s fine.

Once we heard Kid Rock was coming on, we headed over and missed the line-ups completely. We quickly found our seats and watched Kid Rock entertain what was about 20,000 at this point. The stands were still only 70% full or so. The highlight of his performance was when he started scratching only to pause to pour a drink and light a stogie.

On top the highlight of the evening. Bon Jovi takes the stage around 9:30 and it’s exactly as expected. I can’t tell you the order of the songs but I did recognise quite a few. “Have a nice day’ was probably one of my favourites (see the video below). Writing this, I find myself at a loss for words. I’m not a huge concert goer but I can honestly say this was some of the most fun I’ve had at the stadium surrounded by 40,000 drunks (ok, so maybe a dozen weren’t drinking). Regardless, if you have the opportunity to see Bon Jovi – TAKE IT! You will not be disappointed.

Kid Rock – Cowboy (Live in Winnipeg)

Bon Jovi – Dead or Alive (Live in Winnipeg)

Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day (Live in Winnipeg)