Get your nails done, hair done, everything big becuase Aubrey “Drake” Graham will be at the Centennial Concert Hall tonight showing Winnipeg why he is one of that hottest artists in the world right now. His Canadian tour kicked off last Friday in Ottawa.

Look Cool At The Concert Tip: Make sure you know the lyrics to Lil’ Wayne’s verse in I’m Going In.

Fellow Toronto rapper P. Reign opens the show. Doors open at 7pm, concert starts at 8.

The after party is at Republic Nightclub. After party will be hosted by Drake himself. He’ll have a private booth on stage that is facing the dance floor.

Ladies: This is a perfect opportunity to get close to Drake.
Fellas: Republic is going to be filled with girls looking their best for Drake… it’s a guaranteed WIN situation.

It’s going to be a crazy time… it’ll probably be a good idea to book off the next work day.

All my peg-city girls. Let me see your hands, wave at them bitches hating on you with their friends.