Starting today (July 15, 2010), talking/texting while driving a vehicle is now against the law. The new legislation makes it illegal to talk or text on your cellphone while driving. You can however use a hands free set for important phone calls.

The legislation also bans smoking in a vehicle where anyone under 16 years of age is present.

UPDATE: Here is the official release.

* No person shall operate a hand-operated electronic device while driving on any roadway. Operating the device includes holding the device, looking at the device or using any of its functions.

* Driving is considered to mean: to drive or have control of a vehicle unless the vehicle is stopped off the roadway on the shoulder or if within city limits you must pull over to the curb and be parked in a properly identified parking location.

* Electronic device includes cellular phones, black berries and any device that has telephone capability or any device that can receive email or text based messages.

* Hands-free devices are permitted but the operator must be able to initiate, receive or terminate a call with a single touch or by voice command. And the device must be in a holder anchored to the vehicle and must be within easy reach of the driver.

* Public parking lots are considered roadway and are not excluded from this legislation.

Enforcement actions begin tomorrow Province wide and these new laws will carry a fine of $199.80.

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