I still haven’t decided if I am for or against the Beer Snake ban at the Canad Inns Stadium. If you don’t know what a Beer Snake is… it’s when fans stack beer cups together to build a ‘snake’ like object. The Blue Bombers recently put a ban on the creation of these beer snakes after some injuries had occurred. Click here for an awesome Beer Snake tribute video.

I do agree that the beer snake can be dangerous and take away from the game experience… One thing I noticed during the whole beer fest fiasco that took place at the July 24, 2010 game vs. the Edmonton Eskimos, was that there were many fans who weren’t interested in the beer snake being distracted from the game on the field. If I was one of those fans who had no interest in building a snake, it would definitely piss me off if people started throwing cups around and shoving while I was trying to enjoy a football game.

There was one thing I didn’t agree with though… and it was when staff grabbed a guy with a “Bring Back the Beer Snake Sign”, wrestled with him a bit, took his sign and ripped it in front of EVERYONE. That didn’t seem right at all. I didn’t know protests/signs were banned from the stadium as well.

On the flip side… we SPANKED the Eskimos 47 – 21. After all the hardships our Blue Bombers have been facing, perhaps a beer snake was needed tonight to celebrate this victory.


Do you agree with the Beer Snake ban?

  • No, bring back the Beer Snake (72%)
  • Yes, ban the Beer Snake (28%)
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