To all my gizmo and gadget junkie friends out there… we may have to start paying more than just the 12% tax for our delicious addictions.

Manitoba is considering introducing a E-Waste Fee on electronics purchases that will go towards the recycling of those products later on.

Rates would fluctuate depending on the size of the product. A small cellphone could potential have a 10 cent fee attached to it, where a larger 50″ LCD TV will have a $20 fee attached to it.

I agree that this fee would definitely help the environment, but I really don’t think having it as a ‘fee’ or a ‘tax’ that shows up at check-out is the way to go. A better idea would be to have these fees charged to retailers and have them added on top of product prices.

I don’t mind the 10 cents levy charges every now and then for pop.. but if theres a $10 E-Waste fee for every iPhone/iPad/iMac/iToy Apple comes out with, then it will definitely add up.


Image iPad Camera Connection Kit Originally uploaded by Yutaka Tsutano