OK, so ‘most’ vehicle inspections are free. Cop pulls you over, says something like, “that doesn’t look legal” then proceeds to go over everything you’ve ever spent your hard-earned money on your car.

He/she then continues to write you a few tickets and tow your car.

Well, this Sunday August 29th, MPI and Winnipeg Police will be holding FREE vehicle inspections WITH NO TICKETS TO BE GIVEN.

That’s right – NO TICKETS!

You show up between 1 and 8 PM on Sunday and they will let you know what needs to change to make your vehicle compliant with the Highway Traffic Act as well as ensure that it is safe to be on the road ( I know a lot of cars shouldn’t be). The best part? (again!) You won’t get a ticket. So if they tell you your car is too low, don’t go cruising!

As much as I don’t like being told what can and can’t go on my car, one think I don’t like even more are HIDs! For all of you with the ‘retrofit kits’, these are illegal and a PITA for others on the road because you’re just blinding everyone.

Image Newcastle Cruise Night Originally uploaded by aresauburn™