Walmart has some great video game deals this week and the Playstation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain is one of the highlights. Walmart is selling the ‘choose your own adventure’ game for only $29.83.

Though this game doesn’t have as much replay value as Call of Duty, the various different endings will have you playing for hours and hours.

Parents Warning: this game is rated M for mature and does have some nudity in it. (NSFW)

Other games include:
UFC Undisputed 2010: $39.83
Splinter Cell Conviction: $32.83
Assasin’s Creed II: $19.83
Warhawk: $9.83

Some people have also seen DJ Hero controllers on clearance for $20. This is most likely to make room for DJ Hero 2.

Image My Heavy Rain Origami Figure Originally uploaded by Jinx!