Season 2 of Shaq Vs. is currently underway on ABC. If you’re not familiar with Shaq Vs., it’s when NBA All-Star/Champion Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq) challenges other superstar athletes at their own sport.

Season 1 was tons of fun to watch… but it seems like season 2 is a lot of the same thing… which is Shaq losing horribly to every athlete he goes up against.

But still, I can’t take my eyes off the TV and I seem to want to watch it whenever it’s on. As much as I hate to admit it, this guy is very entertaining to watch. Here is Shaq Vs. Tyson Gay (fastest man in America).

Season 2 Episodes so far:
2.01 “Shaq vs. Dale Earnhardt Jr.”
2.02 “Shaq vs. Shane Mosley; Shaq vs. Penn and Teller”
2.03 “Shaq vs. Rachael Ray; Shaq vs. Tyson Gay”
2.04 “Shaq vs. Charles Barkley; Shaq vs. Competitive Eating”
2.05 “Shaq vs. Justin Bieber; Shaq vs. Jimmy Kimmel”

I’d like to see a finale of Shaq vs. Kobe… now that would make GOOD TV!