Walmarts second week of anniversary sales launched yesterday and they’ve got some great deals on PS3 Games.

The following games can all be had for only $20 each:

– Infamous
– Litlle Big Planet
– God of War Collection
– Kill Zone 2
– Resistance 2

I’ve played all of them and they are all worth the $20. I highly recommend Kill Zone and Resistance if you are a first person shooter style gamer.

Little Big Planet is a must have if you’ve got kids in the house. The promo also comes with a catch, all these games have sequels coming out before the end of the year (God of War III is already out)… so by purchasing at $20, you’ll probably get hooked into buying the sequel at full price.

Image inFamous, Resistance 2, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift – £20! Originally uploaded by John Warwick