NBA fans around Winnipeg will be happy to hear that the NBA is offering a FREE trial of their League Pass Broadband web application until November 1, 2010! All you have to do is sign up at this page.

A friend and I purchased a half season of NBA League Pass last year and it was amazing! Games that are offered on Canadian TV (ABC, TSN, SportsNet, Raptors NBATV) are blacked out which means you wont be able to watch them.

Why is the better than illegal free streaming sites such as The streaming quality is High Definition. You can watch up to 3 games at once and also have the live box score available to you. You get access to instant replay and archived games. And best of all, it’s legal and you are supporting the NBA when you purchase a subscription.

Purchasing NBA League Pass broadband will also give you access to live streaming on your iPhone and iPad via an app. I can’t wait to watch some live NBA games on my iPad!!


Image DIRECTV-NBA_League_Pass-1920×1200 Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg