Toy Story 3 hits DVD and Blu-ray today and we got a coupon that can save you $8 on the combo version. Various companies are now selling movies in a DVD/Blu-ray combo pack which I think is a great idea!

Print out this coupon from Disney Movie Rewards to save $8!

Here are the various prices for Toy Story 3 Combo Packs. Wal-mart looks the cheapest.

Wal-mart $29.83
Toys-R-Us $32.99 (bonus Toy Story clock – while quantities last)
Superstore $32.99
Zellers $29.99 (Get a $10 off $50 gift card)
Future Shop $32.99 (Collectible version included)
Best Buy $32.99 (bonus 800 Reward Zone points = $10)
HMV $32.99

Image Toy Story 3 trailer-002 Originally uploaded by TooMuchDew