Choir performances will be held at the Forks as students sing their way into the holiday spirit. Several schools will be performing in centre court at the following times:

December 11:
10:00 am – Fantastic Fiddlers
1:30 pm – Miles MacDonell Jazz Band / Flute Choir

December 13:
11:00am – Elwick Community School Middle Year Choir
1:00pm – Elwick Community School Early Year Choir

December 14:
10:00am – Tyndall Park Grades 4, 5 and 6
1:00pm – “Incredibows”

December 15:
11:30am – Winnipeg Adult Ed Choir
12:45pm – Faith Academy Middle School

December 16:
10:00am Faith Academy

If your at the Forks getting your gift wrapped, be sure to check out these performances!

Image Children’s Christmas Choir Originally uploaded by Kevin H.