Did you see movie at Empire Theatres Grant Park last Valentines Day? Then chances are, you had some unsanitary food.

The Diners Digest, which provides information on food service establishment closures and/or convictions within the last 12 months, have just added Empire Theatres Grant Park to the list. They are the second establishment to be added to the convictions list. Win Win Chinese Food restaurant at North Gate Shopping centre was added earlier this year.

Empire Theatres was fined $400 total for two convictions:

– Operator of a food service establishment did allow conditions resulting in the harborage and feeding of rodents

– Operator of a food service establishment did fail to protect food from insanitary condition

That is pretty nasty. Though popcorn and food at Grant Park Theatre will probably never be the same again, they still have some of the best theatre seats in the city (they recline!!)


Image empire Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg