3D is taking over… some people love it, and some people don’t. More and more hollywood blockbusters are being filmed in 3D and there are no signs of it slowing down. But how about for the people who prefer the o.g. 2D version? Or what if the 3D technology gives you head aches? Or you simply just hate wearing those dorky uncomfortable glasses?

Normally, most theatres will offer 2D versions of the movie. But unless you like going to movies by yourself, chances are the company you’re with will want to see the 3D version. Want to see a 3D movie in 2D on an IMAX screen? Good luck. The IMAX will rarely show a 3D movie in 2D.

But there is hope for all you 2D lovers! The video above demonstrates how to create your own do-it-yourself 2D glasses that will convert 3D to 2D without the blur.

– Get 2 pairs of 3D glasses (The RealD glasses from the theatre will work)
– On one pair, pop out the left lens
– On the other, pop out the right lens
– Swap the lenses between the glasses
– You now have two pairs of 2D converting 3D glasses

How Polorized 3D in theatres work is each eye gets a different image to create a 3D illusion (and sometimes causes eye strain and head aches). By putting two left lens or two right lens on a pair of glasses, you will only get either the left image or right image without the 3D effect and without any obvious image displacement (ie. watching a 3D movie without glasses)

Please Note: This will not work for Home Theatre 3D televisions since it uses different technology. But all 3D TV’s should have an on and off switch for 3D.