Canada Day is often associated with Fireworks and various demonstrations throughout the city. Around 11pm, Winnipeg skies are decorated beautifully with lights and colors at all angles.

If you are planning on doing a demonstration at home, make sure you read the City of Winnipeg guidelines to avoid any trouble.

All fireworks, besides hand-held sparklers, requires you to visit the nearest Fire Station in your area for a free Consumer Fireworks Display Permit. Permits are very easy to obtain and do not require an inspection of the display site.

Your firing base must be a minimum of 20m from the nearest building. Ensure there are no overhead wires, branches or other obstructions when setting up your display. Keep a metal pail or other suitable container partly filled with water for disposal of fireworks. Also, you must own the property, if you don’t own it, you need written consent from the registered owner.

You must be 18 years of age to purchase and apply for a Fireworks Display Permit.

Let’s face it, on Canada Day, these rules are often ignored – but let’s keep it safe Winnipeg. If setting off fireworks, make sure you haven’t had anything to drink and you are in a safe area.

Happy Canada Day!

UPDATE: A few more tips from Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service:

* Only use fireworks purchased in Canada meeting all safety standards.
* Read all instructions, cautions and warnings on each firework item.
* Only adults 18 years or over should handle fireworks
* Set up outdoors in a clear, open space. Light fireworks on a hard, flat and level surface to ensure stability while checking the wind to ensure it is blowing away from spectators.
* Have a bucket of sand, supply of water and a working fire extinguisher on hand.
* Never attempt to re-light a ‘dud’ or defective firework.
* Never hold a lighted firework item in your hand.
* Fireworks should be disposed of safely, properly and any unused fireworks should be stored in a closed container.

Consumer Fire Works Display Permit Application and Information

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