The official Folklorama App for the iPhone and iPod Touch is now available at the iTunes App Store.

The app will provide updated information about the festival in the palm of your hand.

All information available in the Folklorama Travel Guide, including pavilion hours of operation and show times, will be available on the app but with added features. Users can rate the food and entertainment at the pavilions, as well as their overall pavilion experience, and post their ratings directly to Facebook.

In the MyFolklorama section, users can track the pavilions they’ve visited and the pavilions on their wishlist. Pavilions can be sorted alphabetically, by week or by ratings.

The GPS-enabled app can also provide directions to all of the pavilions and show users the
pavilions nearest to their location. Information about the VIP World Tour program, Folklorama Kick-off and pavilion late night parties is also available.

A Blackberry version will be available shortly.


Image folk Originally uploaded by AccessWinnipeg