A reminder that today is July 11 aka 7-11, aka 7-Eleven day aka Free Slurpee Day! Approximately 40,000 free 7.11 ounce Slurpee drinks will given away at Winnipeg 7-Eleven locations on Slurpee-day (July 11).

[quote]In Manitoba, Slurpee has become a way of life. It is the number one beverage served to women in Winnipeg’s maternity wards in the summer time (by friends or family), is often served at summer weddings and is consumed for breakfast year round by many Manitobans. Manitoba has won the title Slurpee Capital of the World for having the highest average number of Slurpee cups sold per store in a region. Both Calgary and the southwest Alberta area as well as Northwest Detroit have given the province a run for its money, ranking second and third respectively in the race for the title.[endquote]

Go Jets! Go Slurpee! Go Winnipeg!

Image Free Slurpee Day Originally uploaded by heath_bar