The RCMP were forced to kill a Black Bear Thursday afternoon as it wandered only metres from Grand Beach.

The bear was spotted by a restaurant owner by Parking Lot 2 and the Lanky’s on the Beach concession stand. Swimmers were evacuated at 2:30pm.

Bears have been a problem recently, here’s a few things you should do when you see one:

1. Don’t Try to Plank the Bear
– Your Facebook Friends won’t be impressed if you died trying to take a photo of the bear. The last thing you should be thinking about is whipping out your iPhone or Blackberry. Bears are attracted to Blackberries and apples.

2. Leave The Premises
– If the bear is not paying any attention to you, slowly and quietly back away while watching the bear to make sure it isn’t following you.

3. Let The Bear Know You Are Human
– If the bear obviously knows you are there, raise your arms to let the bear know you are a human. Make yourself look as big as possible. Speak in a firm but non-threatening voice while looking at the bear and backing away.

4. Don’t Panic
– Generally, the noisier the bear is, the less dangerous it is, providing you don’t approach the bear. If a bear huffs, pops its jaw or stomps its paws on the ground, it wants you to back away and give it space. Back away slowly and quietly without running.

5. Don’t Give it a Reason to Follow You
– If a bear closely approaches you, drop any food you are carrying and continue backing up.

6. My Balls are Bigger Than Your Balls
– If the bear continues to try to approach and follow, stand your ground and be aggressive – yell, stand tall, wave your arms and throw objects. Bears will often first test to see if it is safe to approach you.

7. It’s Balls are Bigger Than Yours
– Do not run or climb a tree. Bears can run faster and climb better than you. If the bear makes contact, fight back with everything you have.


Image Bears On The Beach Originally uploaded by RickC